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Submitted on
November 25, 2012


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  • Mood: Zest
  • Listening to: The ping of receiving Skype messages
  • Reading: My computer screan
  • Watching: Same as what im reading
  • Playing: minecraft <3
  • Eating: Soup
  • Drinking: Soup
Me and my girlfriend have set up a minecraft four player server (thanks to a hosting site) and we need players, that will be on regularly.
The story behind it:
About 3 months ago, a massive infection tore apart the world, killed most people, and those it didn't kill either became carriers, deformed monsters, or were immune to the bug all together. The small town of Birchwood was hit first and hardest by the infection, all that's left of that town is one house. the survivors of the outbreak in Birchwood fled to the old mines and set up a settlement there, and named it New Birchwood, and have been there ever since. The town has its own currency system, jobs to be done, and all types of people are welcome.

Note me for the IP.


There are a few requirements,  you have to be a serious roleplayer and you must be willing to stay in character most of the time. the server, I hope, will be an area to escape the real world completely, so the more you stay in character the better. Thank you guys, i just want to create an environment we can enjoy

SERVER STATUS: Offline for the night

To any serious minecraft RP'ersby TheRattmann

Journals / Personal©2012-2014 TheRattmann
I really want to get mine craft back... Still can't seem to find a working one.
TheRattmann Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
yikes man
well cant wait to have you on the server when you find one
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